RIOT WM ONE is a battery powered smart device that can be installed on existing waste bins to monitor waste levels in real time with high accuracy. The customizable cloud platform not only ensures data security via encryption but can also be integrated to your existing CRM or ERP via SDKs or APIs

Flame Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Tilt Sensor
Level Monitor
Sim /WiFi /LoRa
NFC Base Proof
of Pickup
Battery Life upto
2 Years
Easy to Mount Design
Geo Tagging of Bins
Storage in Cloud
Use Case

The Government, Communities and Waste Management Companies and service providers face many challenges like high operational cost, resource planning, tracking pick-ups, real time insights and dependency on unreliable data to generate reports etc on day-to-day basis. The use of right technology can helps overcome these challenges.


Government can adapt this technology which aligns with their vision of digital adaption while ensuring access to accurate reports and performance standards.

Communities & Township

With the use of this technology communities and township can manage waste more proficiently.

Waste Management Companies

Using these technologies can help in better utilization of resources while increasing profitability and efficiency.

Easy to Use
Device Installation
Device Configuration
Setup Parameter
Real Time Monitoring
Web Panel Features
Web Panel Features
Driver & Vehicle
Ai Powered
Route Planning
Alert &
Real Time
Increase Efficiency, Decrease Cost
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Where do I need to install the RIOT WM ONE device?
At top of the Dustbin.

Will it automatically store all the data on Cloud?

What are all the tasks that RIOT WM ONE can perform?
It can monitor the waste level, also it has different sensors which can help you to monitor the smoke, fire and temperature.

Where to reach out to the support team?
Support email: .

Does it switch on SIM data automatically when WiFi is not available ?

Where exactly can I track the level of my Bins?
On the web panel.

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