Vision and Mission

To optimize technology in a way that enhances the quality of life of people as well as improve the quality of operations performed in various industries while ensuring that the devices are priced at a range that is accessible and affordable to all.


To be amongst the top ten innovative technology
companies in the world by 2030.


Transforming business and everyday life using
novel and adaptable technology solutions.


Each team member strongly believes that values are the pillars on which the company operates. These values determine the decisions and actions the team takes and help the team establish a genuine and trustworthy relationship with the customers.


The focus is on creating products that are impactful for the consumers which is achieved by constantly staying updated with the market demands & needs.


Integrity is a strong virtue of Shunya Ekai Technologies with technological advancement occurring rapidly Shunya Ekai Technologies keeps ahead of the technological curve by creating sustainable high-tech products.


The devices are curated with the intention of reducing customer's time and resources and hence are very easy to use.


The highly qualified and experience research and development team of Shunya Ekai Technologies focuses on demands and produces consistent results.


Chintan Sareen has 15 years of experience in films, design and technology. Specializing in developing meaningful and innovative technology products across various domains, ranging from last mile, freight, recycling, IoT based instant vehicle leasing, skill training, e-learning, utility services to on-demand entertainment platforms.

Chintan is currently the CEO and Founder of Shunya Ekai Technologies which specialises in developing mobile/web apps and also expertises in building new age IoT devices and autonomous mobility bots to automate operations, solve challenges across various industries and improve human efficiency and lifestyle.

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