The RIOT NETWORK WiDi is a powerful wireless transceiver designed to send and receive data over long distances, making it perfect for big areas like airports, defence zones, large roads, and vast lands. This device not only bridges communication gaps but also helps businesses save money by reducing setup and upkeep costs.

Upto 30km
line of site range
868 Mbps speed
New WiFi CE technology
Handles diverse data
types (video & livestreams)
POE support
Use Case

The RIOT NETWORK WiDi transforms communication. In airports, it bridges vast areas, from terminals to runway ys, with cost-efficient connectivity. For open spaces like roads and farms, it offers adaptive, wide coverage. In surveillance, it excels from expansive lands to maritime zones, tracking with precision.


The RIOT NETWORK WiDi is a game-changer for airport environments, spanning vast areas from terminals to runways. This wireless transceiver ensures seamless and uninterrupted communication, drastically reducing both installation costs and maintenance hassles associated with wired setups.


The RIOT NETWORK WiDi is designed for vast outdoor areas like long roads, event venues, and farmlands. It provides extensive coverage, ensuring seamless connectivity. Offering both flexibilities to adapt to changing outdoor dynamics and a cost-effective alternative to traditional wired setups, it stands out as a modern solution.


The RIOT NETWORK WiDi excels in surveillance, covering vast terrains from large properties to border regions. Its extensive range also makes it ideal for maritime monitoring, tracking ship movements, and observing sea activities.

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