The RIOT REP ONE is a cloud-controlled bird repellent device designed to effectively keep birds away from protected areas. It emits an ultrasonic sound between 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with a special tuning at 41 kHz. This sound is inaudible to humans but clear to birds and pests, ensuring they stay away. Rely on RIOT REP ONE for top-notch bird repelling results.

Audible Effective
Sound of
20hz to 20khz
Fast Bootup Time
LoRa Connectivity
for Live Status
Ultrasonic ~41khz
upto 200 Meters
Low Power
Total 20w 360 Degree
Sound Output
Use Case

RIOT REP ONE is an ultrasonic bird repellent device that emits high frequency sound waves beyond human hearing, causing discomfort to birds and prompting them to leave the area. This eco-friendly solution is easy to install and effectively repels birds and pests, making it a reliable choice for anyone looking to keep their property free of unwanted visitors.


RIOT REP ONE is an effective and eco-friendly solution to bird-related problems in residential areas. It prevents birds from nesting, causing damage or spreading diseases while avoiding harmful chemicals and physical barriers. Its easy installation and humane nature make it a convenient choice for homeowners.


The RIOT REP ONE bird repellent device can help commercial buildings by keeping birds away from the premises, preventing damage to buildings, equipment, and products.


The RIOT REP ONE bird repellent device can be particularly useful for electrical sub-stations, where birds often perch on equipment, causing damage and interfering with the transmission of electricity. This device can keep birds away from sub-stations, preventing the risk of electrical short circuits, equipment damage, and power outages.

Agriculture Land

Birds can be a significant threat to agriculture, causing significant losses to crops and creating difficulties for farmers. By emitting high frequency sound waves, the device can repel birds, preventing them from feeding on crops and causing damage.

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Keep Birds & Pests Away
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