RIOT PLM ONE is an Industrial IoT device that can configure to various machine used for manufacturing to fetch various data point in real time which can help analyzing utilization , generate various report and notify instantly in case of any fault that arises in the functioning of the machine insuring higher productivity and low downtime.

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The Internet of Things has considerably changed some aspects of oureveryday life like driving, cooking, purchasing and manufacturing etc.

Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitoring with IoT can provide detailed data about machine performance in real time. Data can then be analyzed to look for patterns and understand the inter-dependencies impacting overall equipment effectiveness and production.

Predictive Maintenance

IoT-based predictive maintenance allows you to systematically schedule the optimal maintenance and inspection routine to avoid unplanned downtime and unnecessary effort. Avoidable costs can be reduce amount of time the machinery or equipment is down for maintenance.

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What is RIOT PLM ONE ?
RIOT PLM ONE is an Industrial IoT Gateway. RIOT PLM ONE is rugged by design and intended for critical systems and industrial environments where sensor nodes or I/O devices are utilized to obtain data. It can be configured with a range of different protocols which allows it to communicate with the end sensors nodes or I/O devices.

What devices can be connected using RIOT PLM ONE?
The possibilities of connecting a device/machine into RIOT PLM ONE are endless. A business can connect HVAC System, Energy Distribution System (Smart Grids), Biometric System, Alarm System, Fire Control, Sensors, or Actuators etc. with the system.

Where is the data collected from the IoT Gateways stored?
RIOT PLM ONE store the data collected from the machines in its own drive and servers. We configure servers for each of our client and store the data collected in the specified servers. The servers can be configured either at the client side or on a 3rd party cloud platform chosen by the client. We can store the data either in the SQL database or the NoSQL database, based on the requirement.

Can we connect our existing analytics application to the data collected from the RIOT PLM ONE?
Yes, It is possible to connect the data into your existing database/systems/server.

What functions can be performed by RIOT PLM ONE?
RIOT PLM ONE perform several critical functions such as device connectivity, protocol translation, data filtering and processing, security, updating, management and more

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