RIOT MOBI ONE is a smart device that optimises and simplifies managing and monitoring vehicles remotely and storing vehicle data using a web panel.

Live GPS Location
Live Tracking
on a Web Panel
Live Speed
IOT Based Ignition
Control Switch
Geofence Area
Real Time Data
Storage on Cloud
Fleet Management
Take full control of your Fleet

RIOT MOBI ONE simplifies transportation, by providing live GPS updates, speed monitoring and geofence areas to locate the vehicles as well as enable live tracking of the vehicles on a web panel. It helps you control ignition in real time using IoT data stored on cloud.

Bike/Car Rental
  • Live mapping
  • Tracking & reporting
  • Geo-Fence ability
  • Accidental alert
  • Real time positioning
  • Overspeed alarm
  • Remote monitoring
  • Geo-fencing
  • Reduces operational cost
  • Easy to use
  • Get instant alerts
  • Enhances safety
Easy to Use
Device Configuration
Track Real Time Data
Get Instant Notification
Analyze Reports
Web Panel Features
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Can RIOT MOBI ONE fit on a bike?

Is RIOT MOBI ONE rechargeable?

Will RIOT MOBI ONE help automate ignition?

Will it automatically store all the data on Cloud?

Where exactly can I track my devices?
On the web panel of RIOT MOBI ONE.

How will Geo-fencing be beneficial? ?
Geo-fencing will mark a specific area and notify you when the vehicle moves outside the marked area. It will be extremely easy as a list of vehicles outside the geo-fenced areas will be listed for you.

How will I be able to monitor the speed of all of the vehicles
You will be able to monitor the speeds through our web panel. It is extremely easy as a list of over speeding vehicles will be listed for you.

How will I geo-fence the areas?
You can mark areas using our web panel.

How can I forbid Ignition?
If you see that a vehicle is over speeding or outside the geo-fenced areas, you can simply turn the ignition off from the web panel. The driver of that vehicle will not be able to turn the ignition on manually.

How can I view, edit or delete a particular vehicle's data?
You have options to view, edit and delete the data of vehicles in the vehicle list option from the menu bar.

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