RIOT MED ONE+ empowers the doctor to remotely diagnose various health stats of patients in real time while providing tele consulting. Patients can also easily share diagnose history with the doctor for better insight into prevalling health condition.Provide accurate and precise data to the doctor based on which they can prescribe right consulting and medication.

Digital Thermometer
Blood Pressure
Blood Sugar
Patient Medical
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Use Case

RIOT MED ONE+ is a perfect solution to provide tele consulting powered by real time access of health vitals of the patients to the consulting doctors while also maintaining EMR of patients health data.

Health Centers & Clinics

Patient primary health/diagnosis parameters and personal details will be recorded and saved for remote doctors to check and prescribe the medicine. Single machine with only 1 operator to complete the basic task and hence reduces the running cost of health centers and clinics.

Government Initiative

Primary healthcare specifically in rural india still a challenge for the govt due to lack of resources. This Kiosk will help the govt to establish primary health centers in rural areas where the specialist doctor sitting in cities can provide their guidance and services to the rural people.

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Web Panel Features
Web Panel Features
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What is RIOT MED ONE+?
RIOT MED ONE+ is a computerized electronic kiosk. With functions as patient check-in stations at hospitals or doctors offices. Along with this, it can perform basic diagnostic tests on patients. It has a screen which is used for video conferencing with doctors.

What are all the tasks that RIOT MED ONE+ can perform?
It can measure your oxygen level, pulse rate, and temperature, and it has a digital camera for skin, throat and eye checkups of physical manifestations of any diseases. It also provides Instant health reports & prescriptions from healthcare providers. Along with video consultation from the doctors and specialists.

What is telemedicine used for?
Telemedicine, which enables video or phone appointments between a patient and their health care practitioner, benefits both health and convenience. More health care providers are offering to “see” patients by computer and smartphone.

Can RIOT MED ONE+ be used for telemedicine?
RIOT MED ONE+ is a health kiosk designed and developed for telemedicine and remote monitoring of patients.

What all reports does RIOT MED ONE+ can generate?
RIOT MED ONE+ can generate various reports which includes Provisional Diagnosis Report, Lab Reports, Doctor Review Report, Counseling Reports, Bill Summary Report etc.

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