RIOT MAR ONE is equipped with 6 DC thrusters, securing velocity performance, reliability and very low need for maintenance, while offering high manoeuvring capabilities.

Infrared Flash Light
6 Axis Movement
2000kv High
Power Thrustors
Robotic Arm
~3 Hours Battery Backup
Live Video Streaming
3-Axis Pan-Tilt
Camera Control
4K High
Quality Camera
User Case

RIOT MAR ONE is equipped with a high performance viewing system thanks to a HD camera combined with strong LED lights for providing high resolution imagery.


Subsea observation, inspection and surveillance. Object recovery Mines detection Seabed survey Search and rescue

Port Security

Harbor surveillance: Seabed survey Coastal Seabed survey Harbor protection Coastal protection Black box recovery


Ship Surveillance Foreign object detection Coastal area inspection Dockyard surveillance

Custom Check

Tech study underwater, life study of fisheries

User Journey
Released Under Water
Real Time Survey
Store Data & Reports
Real Time Alerts
Web Panel Features
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Is it possible to operate remotely / wirelessly?
Yes, but in limited range.

Is it harmful for water species?

How much time does it take to charge the battery?
It will take around 2 to 3 hours.

Is it possible to repair it in case of any damage?

Is robotics arm removable?

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