RIOT LEV MON is a smart device integrated with a sensor system for optimizing liquid, slurry and solid container management. It is specifically designed for measuring liquid, slurry and solid levels. It provides real-time cloud-based data storage, alerts and time-specific automatic reporting. The metrics can be optimized with different measurement units. Multiple containers can be managed with easy pairing through a web panel.

Led Based
Device Indicator
Sim / WiFi
Over Discharge
Intelligent Charging to
Maintain Long Battery Life
Easy to Mount Design
Real Time Data
Storage on Cloud
Real Time
Level Monitoring

RIOT LEV MON simplifies container management by providing real-time level
measurement, data storage on a cloud database and multiple container
monitoring. It is perfect for businesses dealing with storage
and utilization of liquids, slurry and solids
across various industries.


Real time level monitoring for all kinds of liquids viz. Water, oil, chemicals and solvents.


Tank gauging and monitoring of slurry, adhesive and any other viscous liquids.


Control and detection of substances in the form of powder and granules used in various industrial verticals.

Easy to Use
Setting up Parameters
Analyze Data
Web Panel
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Where do I need to install the RIOT LEV MON device?
It should be installed at the top of the container.

Is RIOT LEV MON PLUS rechargeable?

Will it automatically store all the data on Cloud?

What are all the tasks that RIOT LEV MON can perform?
It can measure the liquids, solid and slurry levels inside a container.

Where to reach out to the support team?
For any post sales service and support contact our team at

Does it switch on SIM data automatically when WiFi is not available?

Where exactly can I track the level of my containers?
On the web panel of RIOT LEV MON.

How does RIOT LEV MON transmit data to the cloud?
RIOT LEV MON has an inbuilt transmission system using WiFi and GSM.

Is there a license fee to use RIOT LEV MON platform ?
Yes, there is a monthly license fee applicable depending upon client requirement and consumption.

Is there any warranty on this product?
Yes, terms & conditions apply.

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