Flow meters have become an essential asset to track and measure the movement of Liquid substances not only
in industries but also in residences. RIOT FLO MON is an electromagnetic flow meter,
which measures the flow of liquids and slurries.

Suitable for
Conductive Liquids
Maintenance Free
Full Bore Type
Local Indication
Through LCD
Simple and Cost
Effective Construction
Empty Pipe
Universal Power Supply
230V AC/ 24V DC
Communication Port
User Case

The construction of the magnetic flow meter is such that the only parts that are in contact with the liquid or slurry are the liner and electrodes, both of which can be made from materials that can withstand corrosion. Therefore, magnetic flow meters can measure many corrosive liquids and abrasive slurries. Magnetic flow meter liners and electrodes can be constructed of materials that do not contaminate the liquid. Therefore, these flow meters can be applied when liquid contamination is an issue, such as in sanitary applications.

Water Industry

Revenue metering, district metering, water abstraction, leakage detection.

Wastewater Industry

RIOT FLO Mon can help you to measure the volumetric or mass flow of waste water, sewage or trade effluent.

Chemical Industry

The ability to build no-corrosive and non-contaminating materials for liners and electrodes enables the use of flow meters for all kinds of acids and alkalis, dosing applications, abrasive or corrosive mediums.

Metal & Mining

Helps in the monitoring of slurries like ore or excavator mud.

Pulp & Paper

Pulp, pastes, sludges & other caustic mediums, liquor, additives, bleaches, colorants can be measured.

Food & Beverage

The ability to use non contaminating materials help in mixing, dosing and filling of drinks under hygienic conditions.

Easy to Use
Setup of Parameters
Analyze Data
Web Panel
One Product, Many Uses
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Where can we use the electromagnetic flow meter?
Electromagnetic flow meters can be used for any conductive liquid measurement. For water, acids, wastewater applications.

What is the minimum conductivity required for electromagnetic flow meters ?
Min conductivity needed is 5S/cm.

Can an electromagnetic flow meter be installed vertically ?
Yes, Electromagnetic flow meters can be installed vertically in a situation where the flow direction is upward.

Do electromagnetic flow meters work on water ?
Yes, Electromagnetic flow meters are best suitable flow meters for water applications.

How accurate are electromagnetic flow meters ?
Typical accuracy of a magnetic flowmeter is 0.5% of measured value from 0.3 ft per sec to 33 ft. per sec (0.1 to 10 m per sec) velocity.

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