RIOT ENV PLUS is a battery powered IoT device which helps in early detection of floods, forest fires,damage to crops and a threat to wild life. This device has temperature, fire, smoke, humidity and moisture sensors and it can be customized with various parameters for alerts and notifications with real time monitoring.

Instant Fire Detection
Live Temperature
& Humidity Monitoring
Live Soil
Moisture Detection
Range Upto 2Km
LORA WAN Technologies
Battery Life
Upto 2 Years
Encrypted Transmission
of Data Between TX & RX
User Case

RIOT ENV PLUS can help the government, farmers and large estate owners to avoid large scale destruction of assets through early detection of floods, fire and many more such incidents.


Deployment of RIOT ENV PLUS in forest can help the Government in real time monitoring of jungles and other hard to access areas for any calamities as they may arise and take swift action if any incident.


Large farm lands can be monitored in real time while providing an option to trigger various automated functions using other smart devices based on various data and parameters.


These devices can also be used to monitor environmental parameters across commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, cloud kitchens, hotels, warehouses, factories, manufacturing units, etc.

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Where do I install the RIOT ENV PLUS device?
Anywhere in the ground or attached to any object with the help of screws.

Is RIOT ENV PLUS rechargeable?
It depends on the model you have purchased.

Will it automatically store all the data on Cloud?

What are the tasks that RIOT ENV PLUS can perform?
It can calculate temperature, humidity, moisture and send out instant fire alert.

What is the maximum transmission range of the device?
Upto 2Kms.

Where to reach out to the support team?

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