RIOT EM ONE is an IoT device which helps to monitor the health of your Air Conditioner in real time. Device is compatible with all types of ACs. Once the device is configured it monitors performance and utility of the Air Conditioner while providing scheduled updates and notifying the user as soon as a problem is identified.

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RIOT EM ONE can be used for residential, commercial and industrial units ensuring timely maintenance, efficient usage and massive cost saving.

Maintenance Companies

Maintenance companies can install these devices for all their maintenance contracts which can help them remotely monitor these AC’s and provides efficient service to their clients while increasing the profitability.


Users can install these devices for monitoring their AC’s across residential, commercial and industrial facilities.

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Track Health of Your AC
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What is RIOT EM ONE?
RIOT EM ONE is an IoT device used for energy monitoring of specific appliances or complete houses. In short,RIOT EM ONE is a smart energy meter.

What are the uses of RIOT EM ONE?
RIOT EM ONE is used for checking the health of home appliances, where it checks the power consumption pattern and generates alerts if any malfunction occurs.

What are the benefits of using RIOT EM ONE ?
RIOT EM ONE provides preventive alerts to avoid last minute hurdles to tackle with the appliances failure or servicing.

Can RIOT EM ONE be used for other home appliances too?
Yes, it can be used for any other appliances, even if someone needs to check for the power consumption of a complete house, it can be used for that as well.

Is there any specific app/software needed to communicate with RIOT EM ONE?
No, It will share the alerts on whatsapp via Wifi network.

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