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RIOT DBOX TE is a portable temperature management device that can be fixed on to RIOT FDB ONE. This device can be controlled via cloud or manual switch. This device consumes low voltage from the bike battery ensuring no impact to bike’s battery efficiency. This patented device is based on electric temperature management technology which does not require any gas or cylinder to be installed making it very safe in the extreme temperature.

Temperature Ranges
from 8^c to 48^c
Cloud Based
Access Control
Portable and
Rugged Design
Easy Mountable
on RIOT FD Box
Slient Working
Zero Noise
Weather & Shock
Low Battery
Use Case

Do you know what is a common struggle between food shipping, supermarkets, takeaway delivery service or medicine delivery industries? It is controlling the shipping temperatures while transporting different items. RIOT DBOX TE is a solution to that problem as it controls temperature efficiently, keeping hot items hot or cold items cold, during transit.

Cold Chain

With our RIOT DBOX TE, you can easily deliver cold foods like cake, ice-cream, and other frozen items without any worry.

Food Delivery

With RIOT DBOX TE you can ensure that the perishable items will be transported in the best way possible.

Easy to Use
One Product, Many Uses
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What is the temperature control range of the device?
8 to 48 degrees Celsius.

Can this device be controlled through cloud?

Is it shockproof?

Does the device produces any sound/noise?

Does the device causes any type of vibrations?

Is it weather proof?
Yes, it is rain resistance.

Does it affects bike's performance?

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