RIOT BSM ONE is a battery-powered, compact IoT device that can be easily installed on any bicycle or electric scooter. This device is capable of automatically detecting accidents, fall, and collisions of the cyclist in real time and send it to the central cloud control platform using SIM or LoRa network. The Cyclist can use the SOS button on the device to trigger the alert in case of emergency.

Automated Fall/
Collision Alert
Live Tracking
on a Web Panel
SOS Alert
Use Case

RIOT BSM ONE can help governments and communities improve safety for cyclists by enabling real-time tracking of their movements. In case of an emergency or accident, the system can quickly and accurately identify the cyclist's location, ensuring an effective response that can help to minimize the risk of serious injury or even fatality.

Business to Business

RIOT BSM ONE can assist government and private cycling zones, cycling event companies, and RTAs in ensuring the safety of cyclists. By providing real-time tracking of cyclist activity, the system can help to identify potential safety risks and improve emergency response times in case of an accident or emergency.


RIOT BSM ONE not only enhances cyclist safety but also provides valuable performance data like distance travelled, cycling time, and riding skills.

Easy to Use
Web & App Features
Web & App Features
Real-time Accident/
collision alerts
Automated Rescue
Team Dispatch
Cyclist Performance
Data Storage
On Cloud
Real Time
Make cycling safe with RIOT BSM ONE
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