RIOT AMR X100 are used for improving each picking in fulfillment centers, optimized case picking in distribution centers, just-in-time material delivery in manufacturing facilities, and automating manual material movement in any facility.

Lidar Based Maping
Obstacle Detection
Secured Access
AI Camera for
Object Detection
Touch Screen to
Initiate Command
Point to Point
Autonomous Mobility
Payload Capacity- 120Kg
Long Battery Life
User Case

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are changing the automation landscape.


Pallet movement Person-goods-picking Order fulfillment Indoor material movement.


Autonomous movement of Pharmacy and food to the patient under isolation or during communicable diseases.


Creates astonishing guest experience autonomous luggage transportation support housekeeping services.


Shop floor to dispatch section (Store) Sub assembly line to assembly line Final assembly to QC inspection movement between workstations .

User Journey
Plotting and Naming the
Location on Map
Command to Initiate
the Goal
Autonomous Movement
Technical Specification
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What is the maximum payload of this Bot?
It depends on which version of the bot you buy. We have options for 7kg, 120kg and 1000kg.

How can I draw a map of particular areas.?
Mappings & Installation are done by our team.

How can I operate?
You can operate it by web Panel.

Is the battery pack replaceable?

Does the bot automatically go to his charging station?
Yes, when it is not in use.

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