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Shunya Ekai Technologies expertises in building new age IoT devices and autonomous mobility bots to automate operations, solve challenges across various industries and improve human efficiency and lifestyle. Packed by artificial intelligence / machine learning capabilities and seamlessly integrated software interface, these devices are capable of gathering and collating real time data to provide meaningful analytics.

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RIOT Series
The RIOT series includes IoT devices and AI-powered Robots with machine learning capabilities that can be of great use to both consumers and businesses across industries. These products minimize human effort and maximize task efficiency.
AI-powered autonomous bots.
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IoT Devices
IoT devices with machine learning capabilities.
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Future Ready Technology
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With our customizable technology and in house manufacturing, we develop solutions for


Shunya Ekai Technologies committed to deliver the best in-class IoT solutions along with Robotic and AMRs to convert any factory into a smart factory.


Shunya Ekai Technologies consistently strives to provide innovative novel IoT solutions, which can improve the life of individuals in terms of healthcare, lifestyle and more.


Shunya Ekai Technologies supports the government institutions to digitize and improve governance at large scale by developing customized IoT, robotics, and software solutions.

Companies & Startups

Shunya Ekai technologies provides products, software solutions, custom development of hardware and software as well as OEM services via contracting and partnerships to startups, SMEs, and large corporate.

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Technological advancements have helped industries globally to grow and improve their processes at a much faster pace. On one hand, the use of Robotics is helping remove redundancy, optimize efforts, streamline operations, automate functions and on the other hand, IoT is playing a significant role in collecting meaningful data in real time.

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Building a zero-waste company, ensuring optimal recycling and reuse of all possible components used for R&D and development while also encouraging the clients to recycle all our products when they become obsolete.

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