RIOT DIPS ONE is an easily deployable, intelligent, programmable sign board. It’s a mobile warning sign which
can be carried in any vehicle and easily deployed at the required site by a single person.
It's a compact, foldable LED Display which can be remotely programmed.

4 Hours Battery Life
Cloud Data Storage
Upto 128 Pixels Resolution
1500 Units Brightness
Cloud Controlled
Foldable & Portable Design
Used Cases

RIOT DIPS ONE can be used for various different purposes. It’s a digital sign board on which we can display various information.

Crowd Control Events

This can be used for showing the right path and controlling crowd gathering at some specific location.

Traffic Diversion

RIOT DIPS ONE can be used as a traffic diversion sign board in case of any sort of requirement. Traffic diversion can occur due to any reason.


Evacuation alert can be displayed on the sign board in case of any emergency.

Emergency Situations

It can be used as an emergency sign in case of any accident or some other mishappening.

Easy to Use
Open LED Panel on Site
Switch On The LED
Template Control
Through Web Panel
One Product, Many Uses
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RIOT DIPS ONE is a digital, mobile sign board which can be programmed remotely.

Can it be used for warning signs?
Yes, It can be used for warning signs.

Can it be programmed from a remote location?
Yes, It's an IoT enabled device and can be programmed remotely.

What is the resolution of RIOT DIPS ONE?
It’s up to 128 Pixels.

What is the brightness range?
1500 Nits brightness.

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